Termination Without Cause

Termination Without Cause Analysis for Covid-19 Exposure

The economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is still unclear. As healthcare organizations look to decrease operating expenses, the termination without cause provision may be crucial to financial stability.

Healthcare organizations must consider whether contracts include termination without cause provisions and create a strategy for terminating contracts that are no longer feasible or necessary.

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Termination Without Cause ABCs

a) Determine whether contracts include termination without cause provisions
b) Detect termination without cause notice periods
c) Identify notice requirements (delivery, contact and address)

a) Draft termination notices in accordance with the contracts
b) Send termination notices to contracting parties
c) Store termination notices

Termination Without Cause Analysis

Let PHIflow's AI assistant, PHIL, accelerate your termination without cause analysis.

Step #1

Email Contracts

Send an email to your designated PHIL mailbox, attaching the contracts that need to be analyzed.

Step #2

Termination Without Cause AI Analysis

PHIL automatically converts the attached contracts into AI readable format, then:

  • Determines and identifies if a termination without cause provision exists
  • Analyzes for the termination without cause notice period.

Step #3

Emailed Reports

PHIL promptly replies to your email and includes the Termination Without Cause AI Analysis.

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Termination Without Cause AI Analysis. No Obligations.


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