AI driven contract review

Meet PHIL.

PHIflow's Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant, PHIL, delivers unparalleled accuracy, never tires and does not burnout.

PHIL meticulously analyzes your healthcare organization's agreements reducing time, costs and resource burdens associated with scheduled and ad-hoc contract reviews.

All the benefits of allocating numerous FTEs, without the costs.

complex contract review Made Beautiful

PHIL is the Picasso of Healthcare Contract Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Healthcare leadership relies on PHIL for critical, sensitive contract analytics driven by legal, finance, market, information security and compliance initiatives.

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leverage the power of ai

Contract Analytics Platform

Let PHIL accelerate your healthcare organization's contract review processes with unparalleled accuracy.
Obligation Extractor

Identify, extract and analyze contractual obligations that are critical to your organization.

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Signature Detector

Locate and identify signatures of authorized personnel and validate agreement execution status.

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Contract Classifier

Bring more efficiency to your process by automatically tagging and classifying agreements.

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Build Your Own Analysis

Have a specific use case in mind? PHIL loves to create new apps based on your needs.

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The national Law journal
PHIflow has been named to The National Law Journal's 2020 Emerging Legal Technologies List. Read more.
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