Force Majeure Analysis

Force Majeure Analysis for Covid-19 Exposure

Force majeure events and causes can shield healthcare organizations from unexpected and uncontrollable circumstances outside of their reasonable control that prevent it from performing its contractual obligations.

As vendors, contractors and lenders shift to an alternative operating model and struggle to manage a workforce impacted by Covid-19, force majeure provisions may be invoked and adversely impact healthcare organizations.

Healthcare organizations must consider whether contracts include force majeure provisions and if the Covid-19 pandemic falls within the provision's protections.

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Force Majeure ABCs

a) Determine whether contracts include force majeure provisions
b) Detect all force majure causes
c) Identify if causes relating to Covid-19 such as epidemics, pandemics and quarantine restrictions are present

a) Draft amendments to include causes relating to Covid-19
b) Send amendments to contracting parties
c) Execute and store amendments

Force Majeure Analysis

Let PHIflow's AI assistant, PHIL, accelerate your force majeure analysis.

Step #1

Email Contracts

Send an email to your designated PHIL mailbox, attaching the contracts that need to be analyzed.

Step #2

Force Majeure AI Analysis

PHIL automatically converts the attached contracts into AI readable format, then:

  • Determines and identifies if a force majeure provision exists
  • Analyzes for causes or events relating to Covid-19 such as pandemics, epidemics and quarantine restrictions.

Step #3

Emailed Reports

PHIL promptly replies to your email and includes the Force Majeure AI Analysis.

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