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Greg Waldstreicher


Greg is PHIflow’s Chief Executive Officer. PHIflow was Greg’s idea and vision. He wanted to create a technology-driven solution to make BAA management more efficient and cost effective, and with PHIflow he is doing exactly that.


In 2009 Greg co-founded DoseSpot, an electronic prescription software company, from his dorm room at the University of Maryland. DoseSpot provides an e-prescribing Application Programming Interface (API) to more than 175 healthcare software companies across the medical, dental, hospice and digital health markets. He has navigated the regulatory landscape as a business owner and deeply understands what is at stake for our customers.


He founded PHIflow to build a solution that provides peace of mind for other leaders like him.

Celine Chan


Celine is PHIflow’s Chief Technology Officer. She is a veteran technologist that brings more than 20 years of IT expertise to PHIflow’s founding Team.


Before joining PHIflow, Celine spearheaded the development of a sophisticated telemedicine platform as the CTO at Kaleido Health Solutions, a division of Planned Parenthood Federation of American (PPFA). There are very few individuals who understand the healthcare data and regulatory space from a technology and development standpoint; Celine is not only one of those people, but she is a natural leader as well.


She is a powerful, connected and rising female IT leader that loves to play an active role in non-technical strategy as well. She is a former multiple sport NCAA athlete and brings to the table values of leadership, teamwork and efficiency.

Jason Silverstein


Jason is PHIflow’s Chief Operating Officer. He began his career at the NYU Medical Center as an operations and financial analyst where he gained experience with large scale technology implementations, process optimization and healthcare business strategy.


Jason transitioned his career into management consulting at Cognizant Technology Solutions, providing technology strategies to health systems, retail and digital health companies, insurers and device manufacturers.


Prior to joining PHIflow, Jason’s consulting work focused on Data Governance, Process Automation and Regulatory Compliance. He comes with unmatched energy and passion for operations and strategy and brings creative problem solving experience to PHIflow’s leadership Team. Jason’s role at PHIflow is to tie it all together.

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PHIflow is a data and technology company combining artificial intelligence and legal expertise to help companies understand their HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) risks and requirements.

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